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COMMERCE – Products and Solution

- Supply and distribute IT hardware systems, from the global technology companies such as: Hewlett – Packard, Oracle, Cisco, IBM, Acer, Microsoft, Emerson, Dell, Santck… - Provide in-house solutions: including Core Banking Solutions, fixed asset management and work tools; Online banking; Store application data, statistical reports, cross validation...

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HiPT is the pioneering enterprise to step in satellite telecommunications segment in Vietnam, specializing in Internet access services in aircraft. Providing Internet access services in airplane for VNA is a key milestone marking the formal engagement of HiPT in satellite telecommunications.

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- Building and developing software solutions in the fields as the backbone of the economy such as finance, banking, residential geographic and administration, insurance, etc. - Consultation, design, and implementation on the total IT software solution to governmental agencies, including: population management systems, cadastral management solution; government portal; online trading system; reporting management system, inspection reporting system; core banking solution, cross validation system; local budget coding system … - Developing software solution for enterprises and business, associations such as customer relationship management solution, fixed asset consolidation management solution; membership management solution for professional associations

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Professional Service

- Consultation, design and coordination to deploy investment road maps for IT plan - Deployment, installation and configuration for information technology systems - System integration (SI) - Warranty, and maintenance - Training and technology transfer

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Sản phẩm - Giải pháp CNTT

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